Game PSP: Tekken – Dark Resurrection ISO

By | 03/07/2016

PSP Game: Tekken_Dark_Resurrection_USA_PSP-ARTiSAN
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Genre: Fighting, 3D
Release Date: 2006-07-26Coverart
Media Format: UMD
Disc ID: ULUS-10139
Unpacked Size: 1.62 GB
Image Format: .ISO
Languages: English

Free Download Tekken – Dark Resurrection ISO PSP/PPSSPP Games for Android high compress arrives on the PSP, which is one of the most explosive fighting games for handheld platforms. New characters Lili and Dragunov join the classic cast Jin, Heihachi, Paul and the law in the battle to be crowned King of the iron fist tournament. Film all new screensaver allows you to immerse yourself in the midst of the world of TEKKEN, this time with ad-hoc multiplayer mode to fight with friends, as well as other elements to customize your favorite characters. Now you can fight anytime, anywhere-are you ready?

Games features of “Tekken Dark Resurrection PSP”

Amazing graphics-beauty TEKKEN is recreated on the portable console, providing one of the most realistic graphics on a portable platform. A number of destructible objects to pump up the action on the 19 stages!

A VARIETY of characters to play as one of more than 30 characters, including classics Jin, Heihachi, Paul, law and more. New characters Lili and Dragunov join the classic cast with an all-new battle styles and moves. Collecting victories to guide your character to become the King of rewards you with the end of the movies for each character!

Customizable characters-use your money fight to customize your characters-with more than twice the elements seen in TEKKEN 5, skys the limit to the unique look of your character will have!

AD-HOC MULTIPLAYER BATTLES! -Use of Wi-Fi connectivity the PSP platform, you can fight against your friends, take your customized, original character against them and let the battle unfold!

Bonus mini-games mini-games provide little respite from the heart pumping fighting for more fun with friends!


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