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By | 29/06/2016

Free Download Little Busters! CE (English Patched) PSP/PPSSPP Games ISO, CSO High Compress files for Android

Little Busters! CE PSP – PPSSPP Games  (リトルバスターズ! Ritoru Basutāzu!) A Japanese Visual novel developed by key. It was released on July 27, 2007 year for PCs running Windows and is evaluated for all ages. Little Busters! This is key in the sixth game, along with other titles such as Kanon, air and Clannad. An adult version of the game entitled Little Busters! Ecstasy was released on July 25, 2008 year for Windows, unlike Kanon and air is removed, which were first released with adult content and then later with similar content. “Ecstasy”, it was later ported to the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3. The story tells about the life of Ricky Naoe, a high school student, who was a member of the Group of friends, called Little Busters since childhood. Riki brings several girls at his school in Little Busters have enough people to play a baseball game.

Gameplay in Little Busters! It should be a branching storyline that offers advance scenarios with courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the six female main characters, a character which increases to nine in Ecstasy. There are additional minigames added into the gameplay, such as the battle sequences that resemble fighting games or baseball batting practice, which serve to give the characters experience, obtain Accessories to use during battle, and improve their statistics. Both Little Busters! and ecstasy as the best-selling PC games sold in Japan during the time of their release, and “ecstasy” would go on to sell more than 100 units of 000000. Key went to produce adult spin-off, called Kud Wafter in June 2010 year, which expanded on the scenario of Noumi Kudryavka, one of the heroines from Little Busters! and ecstasy.

There were 13 manga adaptations based on Little Busters! and “ecstasy”, published by ASCII Media Works, Kadokawa Shoten and Ichijinsha. Anthology comic, light novels and art books were also published several music albums. There have been two Internet radio shows, actors Rin and Kyousuke Natsume and Noumi Kudryavka. 26-episode anime television series adaptation, produced by j. c. Staff and directed by Yoshiki sauce, broadcast between October 2012 year and April 2013 and additional original video animation (OVA) episode was released in August 2013. 13-episode second season, produced by members of same title Little Busters! The chorus was broadcast from October to December, 2013.8 episode OVA series entitled Little Busters! EX was released in the period from January to July 2014.


Little Busters! CE 1Little Busters! CE 2Little Busters! CE 3

Original title: リトルバスターズ! CE
Publisher: Prototype
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: 2010-11-24Coverart
Disc ID: ULJM-05790
Unpacked Size: 1.44GB (ISO), 583MB (SAVEDATA)
Image Format: .ISO
Scene Group: Caravan
Languages: English

English Patch info:

Version: v0.9
Made by: patr0805

Little Busters! PSP ISO Download

Ok so a little insight on how this game and the patch is made:
First off this game comes in two discs. the first disc is the Installation disc, and the second disc is the actual game disc.

In order to translate the game the patch had to be applied to save data generated by the Installation Disc. Therefore what your will find in the download links below is: A clean Japanese Disc 1 ISO. And the English Patched savedata, once you copy this save data to your SAVEDATA folder either on the emulator or real PSP the game will be displayed in Full English.

Instructions: The savedata contains the translation you must download it  and put it on the savedata folder:

  • PSP:

SAVEDATA folder (English Patched):

(you need this to see the game in English)
FileFactory: Eng_Savedate_little_busters (3 parts in folder)
GDrive: Eng_Savedate_little_busters (3 parts in folder)
OneDrive: Eng_Savedate_little_busters (3 parts in folder)
MEGA: Eng_Savedate_little_busters (3 parts in folder)

Game Disc ISO:

Total Download Size: 1.28 GB
FileFactory: cvn-lbce2 (4 parts in folder)
Gdrive: cvn-lbce2 (4 parts in folder)
OneDirve: cvn-lbce2 (4 parts in folder)
MEGA: cvn-lbce2 (4 parts in folder)

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