DynamicNotifications Unlocker Premium 3.4 Apk Final Cracked for Android

By | 14/11/2016

Free Download DynamicNotifications Unlocker Premium 3.4 Apk Final Cracked for Android

Gameandroid.info – Apps Android 2016 Latest Update “DynamicNotifications Unlocker Premium 3.4 Apk Final Cracked” free download with direct link apk only and thanks from Hends.wapka.mobi and Play.google.com

Download Aplikasi DynamicNotifications Unlocker Personalization Apps versi terbaru untuk hp android secara gratis di Gameandroid.info, Apps Android DynamicNotifications Unlocker Premium 3.4 Apk Final Cracked memiliki ukuran file nggak terlalu besar brow, hanya 4.92 MB doank dan dalam category DynamicNotifications Unlocker Personalization Apps dimana aplikasi ini diperbarui pada 2016-07-10 12:17:48 dengan versi paling baru yang bisa kalian unduh secara mudah + gratis.

DynamicNotifications Unlocker Personalization Apps
* Notifications don’t light up when your phone is in your pocket, purse, or face down to avoid accidental unlocks
* Select which app-notifications you’d like to receive via DynamicNotifications
* Change the appearance of the app (custom foreground/background color/image, show the date near the clock, change the main notification border style, and more)
* “Custom timeout”: Select for how long DynamicNotifications should be shown (Premium feature)
* “Breathing notifications”: Let not yet dismissed notifications reappear after custom intervals (Premium feature)
* “Night mode”: Don’t show notifications at night (Premium feature)
* “Hide additional details”: Hide additional notification details (e.g. SMS text, sender) (Premium feature)
* “Use as lockscreen”: Use the app as a replacement for your stock lockscreen (Premium feature)
* “Auto-wake”: Automatically turn on the screen when you pull the device out of your pocket or pick it up from lying face-down (!) on a table (Premium feature)
* “Custom brightness”: Select how bright the DynamicNotifications screen should be (Premium feature)
* “Edit swipe actions”: Choose the action (e.g. unlock, dismiss, launch camera/custom app) for each swipe direction (Premium feature)

Note: all premium features available.

APPS INFO for DynamicNotifications Unlocker Personalization Apps

Title: DynamicNotifications Unlocker Personalization Apps
Filesize: 4.92 MB
Added on: 2016-07-10 12:17:48
Uploaded: Hends.wapka.mobi
Source: Google Play
Category: Apps Android


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  • dynamique notifications apk crack

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